Goals and scope of the privacy policy

The goal of the privacy policy is to inform users about how SIA “Open arhitektūra un dizains” (Open AD) acquires, processes, stores, protects and deletes clients’ personal data to ensure that clients’ personal data is processed in accordance with the law, by applying honesty and ensuring transparency. The policy applies to the personal data of Open AD’s clients, the processing of any person’s data, and services we deliver to our clients.

Open AD complies with the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and national law regarding data protection. Open AD, our staff, clients, suppliers and other financially involved persons or beneficiaries value data privacy.

Any changes to this policy will always be published on www.openad.lv – the website of Open AD.

Data handler and contact information 

The handler in charge of processing personal data is SIA “Open arhitektūra un dizains” (Open AD), registration number: 40003831902, registered address: Daugavgrīvas iela 23, Rīga, LV-1048. 

In case of questions related to Open AD’s processing of personal data, please contact info@openad.lv. 

Purposes of the data processing 

Open AD processes personal data with the following intentions: 

  1. To perform marketing activities and evaluate service quality. This may involve:
  • statistics and quality analysis,
  • planning and record keeping,
  • ensuring data quality,
  • preparing reports,
  • carrying out client surveys,
  • providing information to governmental institutions and external service providers in case of legally binding circumstances. 
  1. To deliver its services, which may involve: 
  • identifying the client,
  • drafting and signing an agreement, 
  • running day-to-day business operations,
  • customer service, 
  • reviewing and dealing with complaints,
  • financial administration,
  • verification of credit standing and credit monitoring,
  • debt recovery,
  • website maintenance and improvements. 
  1. Other specific cases, of which the client will be advised at the moment of sharing the relevant data with Open AD. 

How we use and secure the data

Open AD uses the acquired personal data in accordance with this privacy policy to provide clients with information about the products and services that the company offers. 

Website users are not required to submit any personal information or register to use Open AD’s website and browse its content. The information we gather is related to how many people visit the website, what pages they visit, information they download, browser and operating system they use etc. 

The administrators of www.openad.lv do not have access to data that would reveal an individual’s identity. They only see data in the form of statistics provided by Google Analytics: visitor count, countries of origin, time spent on the page and similar. This data is intended to help understand how best to tailor the website to the clients’ needs. 

If a client expresses interest in receiving information about the services provided by Open AD or other insights, we will request the client’s e-mail address and other details if necessary and in relation to Open AD’s delivering of services to the client. Open AD has the right to use the data provided by the client to do the relevant work, such as create a service offer in line with the client’s wishes and request. Open AD will reach out to the client online by e-mail or similar as agreed upon by the client or in line with regulations.

Upon signing an agreement with a client, the conditions under which data is processed are addressed in the service agreement. 

When processing data, Open AD applies its internal processes and control mechanisms to prevent unauthorised use of, access to, dissemination, copying, editing of or damaging personal data. Open AD will apply all sensible measures to ensure the protection, integrity and privacy of personal data. 

Open AD ensures the ethical and law-compliant processing of data, promising not to use the data for any intentions other than those for which Open AD received the data in the first place. 


Cookies are small text files, which the websites you visit store on your computer. They are used to ensure website functionality and provide website owners with information that can help improve the customers’ experience. 

This website uses the following cookies:

  • Google Analytics cookies. We use these cookies to receive website visitor statistics in accordance with Google Analytics’ conditions of use, which you can read here:  https://policies.google.com/technologies/cookies?hl=en-US. We use this information to improve the website’s functionality and for marketing purposes. Compiling and analysing the data allows us to enhance the website and plan further company development steps. 

Cookie name



Used to monitor number of Google Analytics server requests when using Google Tag Manager


ID used to identify users


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ID used to identify users for 24 hours after last activity

How can I refuse cookies? 

One way to refuse cookies is to use a browser in private mode, which most browsers offer (private, incognito, InPrivate tabs or similar). Any cookies obtained while browsing in private mode are deleted as soon as the tab is closed. 

If you would prefer for Open AD not to acquire information about your activities on www.openad.lv, you can activate the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on here: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/181881. The add-on communicates with Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js) to inform that data regarding your visit to the website should not be shared with Google Analytics. 

How long is the data stored for?

Open AD stores and processes clients’ personal data for as long as at least one of these conditions applies: 

  • a signed agreement is in place for a certain duration of time, 
  • Open AD or the client is exercising its rights set out by external laws and regulations, e.g. submitting a complaint or pursuing legal action in court,
  • either party is legally obliged to store the data, 
  • the client has a financial commitment towards Open AD.

Once the abovementioned conditions cease to apply, Open AD deletes the client’s personal data from its system. 

Regarding data processing online beyond the remit of www.openad.lv

The website www.openad.lv features external links to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn with the idea of encouraging website visitors to engage with Open AD’s profiles on these social networks. Other links are possible too, such as links to architecture and design media and industry awards. 

Other websites, which may be accessed by links or otherwise have their own policies related to privacy, data collection, use and distribution. Please consider these policies before using any other websites! 

We do not control third party privacy policies and are not responsible for how third parties treat privacy, the accessibility of their services, trustworthiness, precision and completeness of their content. Users are personally responsible for using these links. 

Who can access the data? 

The information is only available to those employees of Open AD whose role involves working with the website. A summary of the information may be shared with such third parties – external service providers with whom Open AD has entered into an agreed partnership related to marketing or website hosting and maintenance.  

Your rights in relation to your personal data 

If, in accordance with the EU’s GDPR, you are a data subject (for example, you are an EU citizen and provide us with your personal data), you have the following rights in regards to your personal data: 

  • Permission to access your data. You have the right to receive information about why and how your data is processed. You have the right to receive a free-of-charge electronic copy of the personal data we hold about you. 
  • Permission to edit. You have the right to request your personal data is edited or expanded on without undue delay. 
  • Permission to be “forgotten”. You have the right to recall your agreement to your personal data being processed and to call for your personal data to be deleted without undue delay as soon as the data is no longer needed to deliver the requested services and adhere to rules and regulations. 
  • Permission to limit processing. You have the right to limit the processing of your personal data if you are against it and we do not have a legal reason to continue its processing, if you are disputing the precision of the data, if the processing is illegal or you are making a claim, enforcing or defending legal rights. 
  • Permission  to object. You have the right to object to your data being processed unless it is needed for performing a task in the public interest or compelling legal grounds exist.
  • Other rights in line with the GDPR. For further information, please refer to the following website dedicated to data protection in the EU: Rights for citizens | European Commission (europa.eu).